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a guide to freedom

This guide is about freedom – about freeing ourselves from emotional pain. By gaining an understanding of the true power of our feelings and the reality they create, we can begin to build our lives based upon love and peace and not pain and suffering. At that point, we will be able to experience our lives manifesting what we want and not what we need.

This guide teaches a revolutionary yet simple healing technique that shows how evoking an empathetic response to our pain can allow us to heal past and present emotional wounds. Through a series of essays, we learn how to see pain and suffering as signposts to lasting emotional peace. By simply loving ourselves and our emotions of pain, a deep healing and an understanding of our life journey can begin.

Author Jhon Tyler has been seeking to understand the role of feelings and emotions on our lives for many years. At an early age, he began to understand the power of repressed emotion. Over time he learned how the life and reality that we experience daily is a physical projection of our feelings and is directly connected to the lessons of the soul.

In his manual for self-healing, he shares this progressive understanding, as well as the practice – that by lovingly empathizing with the pain that self manifests in our lives, we can begin to heal our soul wounds and accelerate the process of achieving emotional freedom.